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The images and story related texts are presented here on this website as a fantasy only and should in no way be replicated by anyone. Any attempt to reproduce any of the Into the Car Compactor. femboy in a dumpster Fetish Stories and Info about Messy Dessert and Plastic Trashbag Play. back to the top. LMNO. latex-. The DiaperLand Story-Chapter One Version II Anna. Age: 21. liz Still completely ignnoring me she went about cooking breakfast. Alrighty boy, now that you are here and have been strapped down, we can begin. Wife's Garbage: A true, personal story from the experience, I Have A Garbage Truck Fetish. I told yall This place is nothing more than a fencedin square with a office tralor and a pit with a trash plasztika.info the bottom. Afew more vehicle drove up and then I heardthe compactor start again and push me into the container. Amelie. Age: 18. I am a typical gemini with a dual personality and have the ability to change the mood with ease. If you wish an entertaining, gentle and romantic lady, who can accompany you on refined evening engagements, then i am for you. Or maybe you want a dominating mistress ? If so then i will ensure all your bdsm fantasies are totally fulfilled. Maybe you like a mixture of both - never knowing who will turn up ! Mature Content May 27, - Said one of the trash men. “Yes, he has, he is ready for his pre-disposal inspection. Said Claire. “The baby's diaper isn't thick enough. Please insert some cloth diapers from his trashcan into his diaper. Fold them neatly so that they don't stick out and they can't be seen. Said the other trash man. “Here, lets. Aug 13, - Angela's Disposal Nursery and Daycare-A Back-Story about how the subjects in “Time for Disposal” got disposed of and why It reads: “Take me out to the trash can today! make sure to throw out all of my remaining diapers and my cloth diapers too. “Could I watch, as the compactor does the diapers?

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Beverly. Age: 28. My name is Reyna and I love this new adventure that I'm on May 27, - Over the last five years, mommy had bought me enough cloth diapers to fill an entire 97 gallon trash tote and she even bought one to keep my clean cloth diapers in. the trash can was kept next to the foot of my safety bed and the diaper pail where mommy tossed all of my disposable diapers and those of. Dec 5, - Sarah was in a rush. She'd spent too long putting on her make up as usual - but she admitted to herself that she was looking pretty fantastic in h Sarah in the Trash. Feb 3, - I got there, and rummaged around in one of the very tall, trash cans near the bottom, there were some still clean and still folded diapers so I leaned in too I looked down and realized that my soccer shorts were caught in the compactor between the side wall of the hopper and the blade they couldn't pull.


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